Transmedia Journalism Summer Training 2016

Here you find content connected to the Transmedia Journalism Summer Training at Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School in August 2016. This Summer Training for international journalists is funded by the Estonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tallinn University and taught by Dr. Renira Rampazzo Gambarato and Alessandro Nanì.


Transmedia Journalism Summer Training Program


Alessandro Nanì – Lecture 1: Multimedia, Crossmedia, Transmedia Storytelling

Alessandro Nanì – Lecture 2: Transmedia audiences

Dr. Renira Gambarato – Lecture 1: Transmedia Journalism

Dr. Renira Gambarato – Lecture 2: Transmedia Analytical Model for the News Coverage of Planned Events

Dr. Renira Gambarato – Lecture 3: Case Study: Russian News Coverage of 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games

Dr. Renira Gambarato – Lecture 4: Case Study: 2014 FIFA World Cup on Brazilian Globo Network

Dr. Renira Gambarato – Lecture 5: Slow Journalism Case Study: The Sochi Project

Materials for the round-table discussions

Virtual reality

How The NY Times Is Using Virtual Reality To Revitalize Storytelling

6×9: A Virtual Experience of Solitary Confinement

How The Economist used Virtual Reality to tell Stories through Digital Reconstruction

Online news video

Facebook Executive: Your News Feed will likely be “All Video” in Five Years

Report: The Future of Online News Video

Sure, people like online video, but that doesn’t mean they want to watch your hard news videos

Tinder, Snapchat, Twitter

Swipe left for Brexit, Tinder tells young people

Snapchat reportedly has more daily users than Twitter. What does that mean for news?

10 ways journalists can use Twitter before, during and after reporting a story

‘Eager to use it’: Inside The New York Times’ Snapchat team

Instagram, Whatsapp

5 ways newsrooms can make the most of Instagram

Instagrammers discover front-page NYT placement by chance

Instagrammer: ‘I am very happy my photo was selected’

BBC using WhatsApp and WeChat at Indian elections

Mobile news

Good news, publishers: People will read your long stories on their phones (for two minutes, anyway)

We know people read news on their phones. But from what sources?

Facebook Isn’t Just Good at Mobile. It’s How Mobile Works Now

Participatory journalism

How Participatory Journalism Turns News Consumers into Collaborators

#Paris: UGC expertise can no longer be a niche newsroom skill


News as games: immoral or the future of interactive journalism?

The case for newsgames: Why newsrooms should ‘gain a fluency in games and play’

Book Excerpt: Can Videogames Be Journalism?

Technology disruption

How technology disrupted the truth

Facebook, a News Giant That Would Rather Show Us Baby Pictures

The Washington Post is using robots to cover the Olympics and the election

Suggested readings

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Practical exercise

Instructions for the exercise

Story 1

Estonia to send 46 athletes to Rio Olympic Games

Story 2

Taking the crisis by the horns: dairy farmers of Estonia go high tech

Story 3

From hobby brewer to brewmaster in Estonia’s flourishing craft beer scene

Story 4

Vietnamese say: led to Estonian border by European dealer