Transmedia Storytelling Course 2018 @SHANINKA

January/February 2018: Here you find the content connected to my MA course at Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences [Shaninka] called Transmedia Storytelling. Lectures, files, literature, and links are available in this page.

Course references 

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Interesting Links

CADDELL, Bud (2009). Core principles of transmedia storytelling.

GAMBARATO, Renira (2015). From Alice in Wonderland to Transmedia Storytelling.

JENKINS, Henry (2011). Three Reasons Why Pottermore Matters…

JENKINS, Henry (2016). Transmedia What? Immerse.

JENKINS, Henry (2017). Adaptation, Extension, Transmedia.


Course Calendar

List of Groups and Assignments

Seminar Presentation Instructions

Materials to help to prepare the seminars

Final Project Instructions


22/01/2018 – Lecture 1 – What is Transmedia Storytelling?

24/01/2018 – Continuation Lecture 1

29/01/2018 – Lecture 2 – Core Principles of Transmedia Storytelling

31/01/2018 – Lecture 3 – Transmedia Project Design Analytical Model

05/02/2018 – Seminar Presentations

07/02/2018 – Practical Work in Class

12/02/2018 – Final Presentations


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