Portrait Renira GambaratoI am Associate Professor in Media and Communication Studies at Jönköping University, Sweden. I have lived, studied and worked in Brazil, Germany, Canada, Qatar, Estonia, and Russia. My Postdoctorate in Film Studies is from Concordia University, Canada and I hold a PhD in Communication and Semiotics from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil and Kassel University, Germany; a MA in Communication and Semiotics also from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil and a Bachelor of Industrial Design from São Paulo State University, Brazil. International experience as speaker and presenter in academic and commercial conferences. My research interests involve, among others, transmedia storytelling analysis, complexity of transmedia experiences, semiotics, and design. I am the co-editor (with Geane Alzamora) of the book Exploring Transmedia Journalism in the Digital Age (2018); co-editor (with Matthew Freeman) of the book The Routledge Companion to Transmedia Studies (2018), and co-editor (with Geane Alzamora and Simone Malaguti) of the book Kulturdialoge Brasilien-Deutschland: Design, Film, Literatur, Medien (Cultural Dialogue Brazil-Germany: Design, Film, Literature, and Media) (2008).

Photo: Patrik Svedberg/2018


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  1. Dear Renira
    It would be great to talk to you about your work and to see if you might be interested in any relevant freelance projects that might come up with us. You can find out more on http://www.space-doctors.com and http://www.semionaut.net
    I’m about to set out on a 10 day trip to Colombia but look forward to making contact at some point soon after that.
    best wishes
    Malcolm Evans
    PS You may know Vinicius Romanini, who I met in Saõ Paolo in May 2011

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